“ORCA Golf is the 2023 International Network of Golf Industry Honors award-winning golf bag design and manufacturing company based in Boca Raton Florida. In February 2024, Forbes Magazine named ORCA Golf “the best custom bag company”. As the only women-owned company in the industry, we have grown to become a force in the market, providing golf bags for golf’s elite, as well as the everyday golfer. ORCA Golf has taken its place within the golf industry, with an ORCA presence, providing the best quality custom designed and built golf bags for men and women. ORCA Golf operates with purpose and a philosophy of broadening the game for every person who wishes to play.

We are here to pave the way for future generations and make the golfing community more inclusive, empowered, and sustainable.

We know that the golf industry doesn’t need just another company to produce a product… it needs one which is here to change the game and open a gateway for a more expanded vision of what it means to be a golfer.

Our customers have the opportunity to have their custom-designed golf bag, one that is uniquely their own ORCA Golf brand.

Yes, ORCA Golf has beautiful, bespoke bags. We also have a philanthropic stance of community involvement.

Join us and Carry with Purpose.