We design and build stylish, functional, modern golf bags with only the highest quality craftsmanship and pinpoint attention to detail.  We create golf bags designed around what real golfers told us they want in a golf bag.  It’s that simple.  Similar to the ORCA – and like our bags – we are not just another fish in the sea. 

Unlike most people, you don’t have an affinity for the masses, but want to express yourself with a unique, valuable, and personalized product that fits your needs, tastes, and expectations.  That’s why, unlike the popular brands, we entrust each of our customers to an artisan, leaving the logic of industrial production, to make by hand and with traditional methods, your golf bag to guarantee you the best combinations of materials, fabrics, colors, and finishing, to help you create your own style.

Tournaments & Events

If you are looking for amazing golf gifts for your tournament or event that delivers the wow factor for the most discerning of golfers, you’ve come to the right place.  ORCA Golf is ready to better your game (and theirs) with superior golf products and gifts designed for enhanced on course performance and enjoyment for all participants.  Contact us below and tell us about your tournament and let us help make it memorable by creating a fun keepsake from the event, and help players remember your specific tournament and the companies that helped sponsor it. 

{"Orca Golf bag are leaps and bounds better than the competition. In fact, there is no competition."
Dr. Kevin
{“My golf bag is something else! And the service from my designer was top notch. You can’t best their customers service. She worked with me the entire time.”
Mike B.
{“This bag is sweeeett!”
Todd M.
{“I just love my bag. I am so glad you helped me with the design and you did my favorite print.”
Maureen O.
{“OMG! My bag is beautiful! And I LOVE the magnetic pocket.”
Yvonne C.
{"The bags arrived, and they are beautiful!!! I love them!"
Shelly W.
{"I just got the Dorsal1 last night and I couldn’t be happier. I love the bag."  "Your product design was exactly what I was looking for! I just got into golf, and I love anything related to whales, so there couldn’t have been a better match!"
Vince L.