Barbara Samuelson - Director of Business Development

“Women playing golf is the future of golf. Successful women break barriers and help each other grow.” 
To know Babs is to know a creative visionary who turns the status quo upside down while making people smile every day. A connector at her core, Babs has spent her career (with places like Sprint and nurturing relationships with PGA of America, PGA Tour Players, Korn Ferry Tour Players, and numerous golf foundations to help them drive performance and have a little fun along the way.
Her commitment to helping others rise is evident in all of her activities. Babs is the market leader for Women On Course in Jacksonville, Houston, and Charlotte, and is dedicated to fostering dynamic connections to help women golfers feel comfortable and confident both on and off the course. She also volunteers and coaches for Moore-Myers Children’s Fund, and is very active in the NE Florida golf leagues, tournaments, and LPGA Amateur society.
Babs believes that her successes in life aren’t because of what she’s accomplished, but because of what she dared to dream. And she says that working with ORCA Golf has been a dream come true...not because she knows ORCA Golf will become a household name (it will), but because she knows that she is contributing to a team that is here to make a difference in the world. 
Babs is married to her best friend Bill, a golf industry native who also loves the game (though he often feels like a golf widower given Babs’ commitment to the sport). She has two beautiful daughters, Kelsey and Ryan, and 4 wonderful grandsons. She resides in Atlantic Beach, Florida now, but ask her about her travel adventures and the time she helped crew a sailboat from Rhode Island to Bermuda.  Her stories are guaranteed to make you smile.