ORCA-GOLF & THE TRIDENT golf performance center celebrate the future of women in golf

ORCA-GOLF & THE TRIDENT golf performance center celebrate the future of women in golf

“The future of golf is women. This small event is a testament to the idea that if you include us, we will come.” Erica Bennett

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL  – ORCA Golf and The Trident Golf Performance Center combined forces for the first time to celebrate the future of women in golf at The Trident Golf Performance Center at Sandpiper Bay, Port St. Lucie, FL. They expected 30 women, however, 55 women came from all over the state of Florida for this amazing first time celebration. The day started with the introduction of Erica Bennett, one of the founders of ORCA Golf, the only women-owned-founded golf bag company in the United States. Her message was “an inspiration of what women can accomplish when they set their minds to achieve” were the comments from the women after her presentation.

The goal of this event was “to continue our mission to grow the game in tangible and meaningful ways by creating opportunities for men and women to learn and play in an informal atmosphere.” Erica Bennett

The event included golf tips, techniques, and instructions from top Elite 50 LPGA Professionals with combined experience of almost 200 years. In addition, each guest received lunch, social time to meet other golfers, a Trident gift certificate for a round of golf and a beautiful ORCA Pod. The ORCA Pod™, a “pod” like case to protect and house not only your glove(s) but also provides a secure and dry place to protect and retrieve your mobile phone, and easily slides into the long side pocket of your golf bag. ORCA Golf’s event was not only fun, but offered top-class instruction. This is only the start for ORCA Golf, the women collectively wanted to know when would be the next one.

“ORCA Golf is definitely not the company of the past; we are thinking of the next generation while honoring the tradition of the game. It’s not about gadgets and gimmicks, it’s about inclusion and access – we are bold, we don’t mind leading the charge. We hope the wider golf community will engage with us and join the Pod as only together will we create change.” Erica Bennett.

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