ORCA Golf Dorsal One Stand Bag Review

ORCA Golf Dorsal One Stand Bag Review

Scott Kramer takes this unique bag for a spin on the course to assess the features and practicality of it.

ORCA Golf Dorsal One Stand Bag Review

Buying a bag from this company means much more. The two women behind the brand are all about the bigger cause of growing the game. They purposefully partner only with organizations that are committed to growth. While that's a feel-good brand story, we’re here to review the bag.

When you first lay eyes on it, you know it’s made with the utmost quality. Built for functionality, durability, and an overall efficiency, it weighs just 4.9 pounds yet seems very substantial. It’s made with tour-grade synthetic leather that’s known for its durability, weather resistance, and easy-to-clean nature. There’s a metallic Orca logo near the bottom, and three other subtle ORCA Golf logos – two are nicely embroidered in, the third is a raised rubbery material. The bag has three very roomy and zippered pockets and a fourth with a strong magnetic closure, to store pretty much anything you typically bring to the course.

It has a five-way top, two full-length dividers that are fully enclosed all the way down and up top are wrapped with premium mesh, to protect clubs and shafts. There’s also a solid and textured carry handle that makes it simple to lift. There’s a four-way adjustable shoulder strap, as well. Plus, the bag comes with an extremely nice all-weather, squared-off zippered rain hood covering the top – perhaps the nicest one we’ve seen among the best golf stand bags

While that’s what you get with a standard purchase, the company encourages customers to personalize the bag. You can even design it with your own logos, lettering, etc. on the website, and then go through a quick back-and-forth creative and impressive process with the company. It's something makers of many of the best golf bags don't offer, and we think it adds to the appeal. 

Carrying the bag around the course is a pleasure – very easy on the shoulders, just like the best lightweight golf bags. But it’s also well-designed to strap to a pushcart or motorized cart. Clubs lay out in it a way that’s rather spacious, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The stand effortlessly glides open and closed, and it has a strap to secure the legs during travel or whenever you want to be double sure that they won’t spread.

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