Golf Bag Designer and co-owner Erica Bennett Creates Distinctive, Proprietary Bag to Assist LPGA’s Brand Efforts of Its Secondary Lines of Business

(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – As the LPGA continues to grow and support its amateur and teaching divisions, the world’s leading women’s golf organization has entrusted custom golf bag designer and CEO of ORCA Golf Bags to create golf bags and other branded golf accessories for its members. It was announced today that ORCA Golf Bags will be the Proud Partner of the Golf Bags and Accessories of LPGA Professionals and LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

LPGA Professionals and LPGA Amateur members will receive exclusive discounts on LPGA-branded ORCA products, including golf bags, travel bags and its ORCA Pod™ with branding identification specific to each of the two LPGA organizations. ORCA Golf Bags will also receive its own branding and promotion across a number of LPGA platforms.

“We are excited to partner with the ORCA Golf Bags brand to provide quality, custom-designed golf bags for our LPGA members,” said Nancy Henderson, Chief Teaching Officer and LPGA Foundation President. “The decision to align with this female-owned company was an easy one. ORCA Golf Bags is just as committed as the LPGA is to growing the game of golf, encouraging more individuals to play and leveling the playing ground for all in golf, and life.”

ORCA Golf Bags is owned and operated by Deborah and Erica Bennett of Fort Lauderdale. Their story is not unique among the ranks of golf industry upstarts: two smart, successful businesspeople with a passion for the game, find their calling within the industry, and set out to change at least one corner of the golf world. Like most, they personally identified within a niche, in this case the golf bag, and set out to create the proverbial “better mousetrap.” Four years ago, they set out on their journey as the only women-owned golf bag design/build company in the United State, and now they have had their work carried across the Augusta National landscape.

“To design golf bags for the women of the LPGA is a humbling honor,” said Erica Bennett. “For a start-up business like ours, it is truly a ‘pinch yourself’ moment that we’ll look at as a turning point for our business, our brand, and for the women in the manufacturing business, particularly in golf. It’s a great example of how we can all help support each other.”

ORCA Golf Bags is one of the few US golf bag companies focusing solely on making golf bags, allowing for craftsmanship and attention to detail that helps it stand out from the herd of mass-produced bags on the market today. ORCA also makes beautiful and functional travel bags, athletic bags, and shoe bags, and recently launched its newest game-changing product, the The ORCA Pod™. The ORCA Pod™ is the ideal case to safely hold a cell phone and sunglasses, while providing an accessible “home” for golf gloves, scorecards and other necessities, when the golf bag is stowed away or not in use.

ORCA Golf Bags are available online and soon to be in green grass locations. Custom bags for events, corporate outings, clubs and individual personalization can be crafted by visiting www.orca-golf.com.

About LPGA Professionals

The LPGA Teaching Division was founded in 1959 as an outgrowth of the LPGA Tour. The newly renamed LPGA Professionals boasts the largest membership of women golf professionals in the world. LPGA Professionals are certified as golf instructors, coaches and business managers through a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the changing needs of the golfing public. More than 1,800 strong, LPGA Professionals are dedicated to the advancement of golf and serve throughout the golf industry as head professionals, assistant professionals, teaching professionals, directors of golf, owners of golf schools and facilities, golf administrators, college and high school coaches and more. LPGA Professionals support the LPGA’s various grassroots programs that were created to involve women and youth in golf as well as contribute to the overall growth of the sport. These include LPGA*USGA Girls Golf, LPGA Tour Junior Clinics, the LPGA Lesson Zone and LPGA Golf 101 programs.

About the LPGA Amateur Golf Association

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association provides a welcoming golf community for all women to learn to play, play better, have fun and make friends. The 13,000 members in more than 110 chapters across the U.S., Canada, Dominican Republic and Bermuda share a passion for the game and a love of their local golf communities. Diverse in every way, LPGA Amateur members play golf for a variety of reasons – to learn something new, to connect with other women, for health and wellnes™s, to compete, for business, or just plain fun. Over 7,500 local and national events are held every year, from individual and team championships for competitive players to social outings, league play, networking opportunities for the recreational golfer and golf destination travel.

Media Contact: Leia Schwartz, Content Producer, leia.schwartz@lpga.com, (386) 274-6247

About Orca Golf Bags and 17 Yards Golf, LLC

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale (FL) The ORCA brand represents an ocean of inclusiveness for all golfers and those with an active lifestyle. Owned by17yards Golf, ORCA Golf is more than a business, it is about growing the game and encouraging more individuals to play. Like the ORCA, we too, are taking our place within the golf industry; with an ORCA’s presence, providing the best quality craftsmanship and attention to detail golf bags for every golfer. Our customers will be proud to “Join the POD” and carry their own exclusively-designed golf bag; one that is uniquely their own ORCA brand. Visit us at www.orca-golf.com.

Media Contact: Mark D. Berman, mberman@mediashareconsulting.com, 904.838.4962

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