LPGA Foundation & ORCA Golf Partner for Branded Golf Bags

LPGA Foundation & ORCA Golf Partner for Branded Golf Bags

DeORCA Golf, a women-owned fast-growing premium golf bag production company, has partnered with the LPGA Foundation to design and produce unique high-quality golf bags for the new LPGA*USGA Girls Golf.  A part of ORCA Golf founders Deborah and Erica’s mission and vision are aligned with the LPGA *USGA Girls Golf, that is to empower young global players in the golf industry.   The LPGA Foundation entrusted custom golf bag designer/owner of ORCA Golf Bags, Erica Bennett to design, create, and produce the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf bags for its members. For every bag sold, 15% of the proceeds will go back to the LPGA Foundation.

“To design golf bags for the LPGA*USGA GIRLS GOLF is a humbling honor.” 

Erica Bennett, Designer/Owner

About the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

The LPGA Foundation was founded in 1989 by a woman who dreamed of sharing her love for the game of golf with her two daughters. We’ve grown into a community of more than 90,000 girls across the globe who are learning and loving the game! Run in partnership between the LPGA Foundation and the USGA (United States Golf Association), LPGA*USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf), is a non-profit 501-c3 junior golf program with sites in more than 500 communities across the country.

Girls Golf sites provide girls with quality golf instruction led by LPGA and PGA teaching professionals or certified coaches from The First Tee. Not only are they experts in taking girls from beginner to advanced golfers, but they also specialize in creating experiences that show girls just how much fun golf really is!  The new custom designed bags will add a new level of branding and exposure to the members, family, and supporters. Each girl will proudly carry a premium quality golf bag, with the purpose of aiding the growth of the game.

“It is great to work with like-minded individuals like Deb and Erica who are committed to helping us change the face of golf by making sure that all girls have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that golf has to offer.”   

Nancy Henderson LPGA Foundation President. 

ORCA Golf Bags Founders’ stories are unique among the ranks of the golf industry.  These two smart, successful businesswomen with a passion for the game, find their calling within the industry, and set out to create premium quality custom designed golf bags, with world class customer service as a part of the mission.

The Girl’s Golf members are now ranked amongst the top-tier ORCA Golf clientele including World Amateur Golf Championship (WAGC) Teams in Finland and USA as well as distributors in Spain, Japan, and South Korea. Added to the list of golf’s most elite, ORCA Golf produced a one-of-a-kind “trophy bag” to the cause of beloved philanthropic legends Jack and Barbara Nicklaus. The PGA of America commissioned the custom ORCA Golf bag to be featured in a five-year, $100-million fund-raising drive to benefit thousands of hospitalized children.  

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