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Custom Golf Bags Done Really Well

Custom Golf Bags Done Really Well

In an age of customized equipment in golf, it should not be surprising that you can personalize golf bags. I mean, why buy an off-the-rack golf bag when you can get one that perfectly expresses your personality? And in a very well-made, durable package. Which is just what you can do from a four-year-old Florida brand called ORCA Golf.

This company is owned and operated by two women. I recently chatted with one of them, Erica Bennett, who is an author and former p.r./media specialist and TV show host. “Philanthropy is rooted in what we do,” says the friendly Bennett, who is originally from Jamaica. She and partner Deb Bennett call this endeavor the back nine in their road to retirement. Deb has a tech background and wanted to use it to change the world for the better, with something of value and purpose. Mission accomplished.

“What makes us unique?,” asks Erica. “Our bag is built individually for you with the best materials at a good price. It’s made with you specifically in mind. We are golfers who’ve walked the gamut of fairways, so we know what golfers need. We let you choose the zipper locations and pocket locations, and each bag is designed specifically for you.”

Here’s how it works, at least in my experience. I selected the bag model on the company website, chose a color scheme for each panel, uploaded logos that I wanted on the bag and pointed out where I specifically wanted them, and then added my name. The ORCA Golf team takes over from there, creating a draft mock-up on the computer. Then they send a pdf of that draft, with views from every angle. It’s really complete and detailed, right down to the rain hood and shoulder strap. Then there’s a back-and-forth between you and the company, in which you fine-tune any details and send hi-resolution logos that they can use to embroider into the bag panels.

“The process usually is done within three iterations,” she says. You then pay. Along the way, they send you photos of the embroidered panels before it’s all assembled – letting you check spelling and make sure there are no other errors. The bag is typically done and shipped to you in 45 days.

While I went through the process of designing a bag, I did not order a customized one because of time constraints. But I did get a stock Dorsal One stand bag. It’s impressive – making the tedious act of carrying clubs, balls and accessories as easy as it can be. It also looks really nice, upscale and bespoke. It weighs just 4.9 pounds, has roomy pockets, and is well-padded.

While I’m bummed, I didn’t order a personalized bag, Erica says her customers – which have included Jack Nicklaus – are very happy. “Golf is more than a sport,” she says. “It’s a story. And we tell your story on your bag.” Custom bags start at $850.

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