The Inside Story of ORCA Golf Bags

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Press | 0 comments

Listen here: The inside story of Orca Golf Bags (

In this week’s episode, host Paul Liberatore interviews Deborah and Erica Bennett, co-founders of Orca Golf Bags.

At Orca, they design and build stylish, functional, modern golf bags with only the highest-quality craftsmanship and pinpoint attention to detail. Orca creates golf bags designed around what real golfers tell them they want in a golf bag. As the company likes to say, they are not just another fish in the sea.

As the only women/minority-owned golf bag company in the United States, Orca operates with a purpose: to drive inclusiveness and empowerment. The Orca symbolizes individuality, the respect for oneself and for others. The Orca is fearless, strong, misjudged, and though it travels in pods, it proves that working together makes all things possible.

Watch the video interview above and hit the play button below to listen. And look for more new episodes of “Behind the Brand,” coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.