ORCA Spyhop


The ORCA Spyhop bag provides a little higher profile for those who want more space in their lifestyle bag.  It is made of a high quality, matte finished leather that is very durable, but is certainly one to make a statement.  As with all ORCA Travel/Sports bags, it is made to be durable for everyday use, whether you are playing a sport, using it for errands, or taking it with you on travel.  Our bags are designed to be versatile, stylish, and also practical with a special compartment for items you want to keep separate in your bag. is lightweight and roomy. 


The ORCA Spyhop is a popular travel bag that provides a higher profile, but still delivers the special compartment on the bottom for items you want to keep separate in your bag.    


12″ H   10″ W   18″ L


2.8 lbs

Available Colors

Black or  Blue

Interior Description

The interior material lining the bag is made from a waterproof, and stain resistant nylon cloth.  Each bag is designed for a fashionable look, and provides a durable and soil resistant lining that can be wiped clean with a soft, wet cloth.