HONOR 61 Golf and Travel Bag


The ORCA Saddle is one of our most popular travel bags.  It is made of the highest quality matte synthetic leather that is very durable, but is certainly one to make a statement.  With an ORCA travel bag, it is made to be durable for everyday use, whether you are playing a sport, using it for errands, or taking it with you on travel.  Our bags are purposefully designed to be versatile, stylish, and also practical, with a special compartment on the bottom for items you want to keep separate in your bag.  


13.78″ H   9.84″ W   19.69″ L


3.1 lbs

Interior Description

The interior material lining the bag is made from a waterproof, and stain resistant nylon cloth.  Each bag is designed for a fashionable look, and provides a durable and soil resistant lining that can be wiped clean with a soft, wet cloth.