“It’s time for women to realize the power they have. We are our own teachers.”

Erica Bennett is always breaking new ground. In her 30 years working in the fields of public relations, marketing, television, and education (all while writing and publishing her books and telling her story to numerous audiences around the globe), Erica knows that learning new things and forming solid relationships are key to creating the future. Whether she’s teaching herself design or building unprecedented partnerships with organizations such as the LPGA and Caddy for a Cure, she is paving the way with her commitment to empowerment, purpose, and inclusivity.

The principles that guide her life also are central to her leadership as a co-founder of ORCA Golf and its parent company, 17Yards Golf. Erica is strong and audacious... and she fuels the success of others by leading by example. She believes in practicing what she preaches and has built and grown ORCA Golf to not only feature quality products but to take a revolutionary stance and grow the golf industry as a whole.

Erica is a powerful woman who was raised by powerful women, and this is central to her story and her vision for ORCA Golf. She works personally with her clients to help them feel empowered both on and off the course. She is committed to inclusion and sustainability, too, and is always innovating to design the best of the best for the golfing community. Her strong communication and teaching skills come from her life and her studies; she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Education.

More than anything, to know Erica is to be inspired by her. She is an evocative storyteller and genuinely connects and cares for her clients and the people she knows and serves. Want immediate inspiration? Get to know her story better through her ABC featured memoir, “Once Upon a Rock,” or invite her to deliver her “Number Me” speech at your next gathering.

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