“I’m always moving forward. I’m always learning.” 

Deborah Bennett was born leading the way. Throughout her 35+ year career in technology leadership where she directed and mentored a global workforce of thousands, Deb has always put people first, led with conviction, and built lasting relationships. While her industry of choice has changed, her methodology has not: Deb is here to build something from the ground up and use her keen entrepreneurial abilities to revolutionize an industry in need of change.

As a leader within ORCA Golf and its parent organization, 17Yards Golf, Deb believes it’s time for the golf industry to realize that women play a much greater role in the future of golf than before. She wants to encourage women to stay and evolve the game as a tool for learning, growing, and community building.

People who describe Deb use words like thoughtful, smart, and funny...and those who know her well know that she believes that all we have in this life is our integrity. Deb is committed to doing the right thing, no matter who is looking, and this fuels the purposeful and professional way in which she co-leads ORCA Golf. When she speaks to organizations or serves as a panel expert, Deb focuses on the bigger themes in life: empowerment, intentionality, innovation, and continuous learning.

Deb holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairmont State University and a Masters in Public Administration from West Virginia University. She also holds several certifications in business and executive coaching and has been recognized by numerous organizations as a leader for women in technology.  Ask her about how the name 17Yards Golf got its name… you won’t be disappointed.

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