17 yards golf


We are golfers, and advocates for growing the game. 17yards Golf (our parent company) has a full-concierge design team available to work personally with each client. A custom-designed bag from 17yards Golf is luxurious, yet simple. 17yards Golf offers not only custom bags like those of the professionals, but also, a complete line of bags and matching accessories, for amateurs dreaming of hoisting trophies like their favorite pros, while also protecting their investment.



17yards Golf is equal to 51 feet. One of our founders, being an avid golfer for many years, throughout her corporate career, faced many challenges to break into the once elite, and less diverse club of golfers. Using golf as a business tool for many years, she once at a company golfing event; being the lone female executive in a large field of golfers, was faced with an opportunity to make a 51-foot putt for $10K. In the history of the  event, no one had ever made the putt. Despite the huge odds against making it, she did. No one expected it to happen. Thus, “Believe You Can.” became our motto for breaking into, and providing a level playing ground, for all in golf, and life.

17yardsGolf is more than a business; it is growing the game, and encouraging more individuals to play.