I wanted “something special” for our players to showcase their victory  wherever they are. Jim Smith, President

WAGC USA will be outfitting 20 players at the World Finals with ORCA Golf designed golf bags. President of WAGC USA, Jim Smith, is excited about the ORCA partnership. “Winning a trophy at a golf tournament is great, but it sits on a shelf at your house or office. I wanted “something special” for our players to showcase their victory wherever they are. After being introduced to Erica, her team and learning about their mission, I knew I had that something special I was looking for. Team USA will be carrying their custom made, personalized “trophy” when they step up to the first tee at the 2022 World Amateur Golfers Championship – World Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The “Trophy Golf Bag” that Erica and her team have designed, is truly amazing’.

When asked about ORCA Golf’s selection Founder & CEO Deborah responded: “Erica spent several months with Jim in finding and designing the perfect golf bag from the ORCA Golf Collection. We are even more excited that WAGC USA chose a USA based company to make the bags, a testament to the WAGC’s commitment to support minority owned businesses here in the US.  We could not be any prouder to design and produce the beautiful golf bags that will certainly make a statement for TEAM USA”. 

The World Amateur Golfer’s Championship is the largest Amateur Golf Tournament in the world. In addition to the USA, tournaments are played in 40+ countries around the globe.  Players compete against other golfers with similar skill levels in NET Tournaments and are open for men and women, aged 16 and older with a valid handicap from 0 – 25.  Visit https://wagc.us/ for more information!”

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